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Introducing Tim Dileo

Director of Performance Nutrition

Tim Dileo completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Nutrition degree with his graduate coordinated program. After taking a sports nutrition class, he knew that this was where he wanted to be. Tim took the initiative to reach out to the University of North Carolina and ask them if they had any intern positions.

They offered him an unpaid summer internship that eventually led into a year-long paid position when the summer was over.

Next on his journey was a position at Baylor University. He came on as the football RD. Through fortunate circumstances, he ended up being promoted six weeks later as the Director of Sports Nutrition where he continued for the next three years. Though he felt like he was initially thrown into the position, the support from his colleagues helped him through. After another job change and the desire to move closer to home, Tim reached out to a training facility in Boston Massachusetts and asked if they would be interested in letting him develop the nutrition program from the ground up. The facility recognized the need and importance of having a nutrition program and partnered with Tim who is now the Director of Performance Nutrition.

Topics Covered During Podcast:

  • Creating a position for yourself.

  • Unseen Opportunities.

  • The sports year goes by fast in sports. Always trying to play catch up.

  • What the everyday job looks like for a director of nutrition.

  • How different programs encompass different priorities.

  • Sports nutrition includes all three domains.

  • Details on how each domain can play a role in the department.

  • Not a typical 9-5 job especially during the season for your sport.

  • Lots of traveling

  • Salary vs hourly

  • Building a nutrition program from the ground up.

  • Training athletes on not only the physical side of things but the mental conditioning as well.

  • Created a position for himself because he saw the need.

  • Importance of RD’s in sports.

  • Compensation for sports dietitians.

  • Turnover in the field.

  • Things you should consider before entering the sports nutrition field.

  • Work life balance with a lot of hours and traveling

  • Programs to help students interested in sports nutrition.

Tim Dileo's Links:

CPSDA - college professional sport dietetics association -

SNEP program - for students -


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