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Introducing Kameron Rowe

Public Health Dietitian

Kameron Rowe completed her internship in Rochester, NY. Though clinical wasn’t her passion/dream job she accepted a position during her rotations. Managing work, her internship, and studying for the RD exam, she learned how to set healthy boundaries for herself so that she could be successful.

When the pandemic hit, she realized that life is too short to be unhappy and unfulfilled.

After 7 months of interviewing, she found her dream job as a public health nutritionist with WIC. Not only does Kameron talk about her experience that got her her job with WIC, but also breaks down the different nutrition-based positions, as well as her own position. Kameron and I also talk about her role as a mentor with Diversify dietetics, the sense of community it brought her, and what it can do for others.

Topics covered during the podcast

How to schedule a job while studying

The amount of work an internship takes

How to look for a job that interests you

Qualifications for getting a job at WIC

Her previous experience in school nutrition with National Lunch Program

Diversify Dietetics

Kameron's Links

Diversify Dietetics Website:

Diversify Dietetics IG: @DiversifyDietetics

Kameron's IG: @kimmie2dakam

LinkedIn: Kameron Rowe

Podcast Link


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