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Introducing: Mary Purdy

Integrative Eco-Dietitian

Mary Purdy started off her career strong by starting her practice before she even finished her dietetic internship. Having helped cover for a clinical position part time, she knew that the clinical setting wasn’t for her. She took the time to create a newsletter telling friends and family what she did and how she could help them. Along with her private practice and being an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Mary started doing freelance work as a speaker.

She soon realized how to set professional boundaries for herself and ensure that her speaking engagements were mutually beneficial.

While working at a telehealth company, she continued to realize her passion for environmental nutrition and how important it was to the field. Like many dietitians, Mary likes to have her hands in several different projects at once and considers her career to be a bunch of freelance gigs and side projects.

Topic Covered in the Podcast

  • The insecurity and power of having your own business...reword

  • The highs and lows of having your own business.

  • Students who want their private practice before they are an RD.

  • Creating a newsletter to build her community while she was in school.

  • Working for free and knowing your worth.

  • Examples of why you wouldn't charge for a HUGE talk.

  • RD in the role of sustainability and the food system.

  • Approaching food from an environmental perspective.

  • How to be more involved, how to learn, about sustainability.

  • Does this field require certifications?

  • Introverts AND extroverts can thrive as a freelancer.

  • Compensation as a freelancer.

  • How to know/gauge how much to charge for your services.

  • How to manage expectations for what you’ll be paid for engagements/freelance gigs.

  • How to negotiate pay for engagements.

  • How she manages all the thoughts that come song with being an entrepreneur.

  • How to figure out when you need a break/downtime.

Mary's Links:

Website -

Sustainability Resources -

Mary’s podcast - TheNutritionShow

Linked in - Mary Purdy

FB - Mary Purdy

IG - @MaryPurdyRD

Environmental Nutrition DPG -


  • Facebook Group - Planetary Health Collective

  • Instagram - @PlanetaryHealthCollective

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